Scanning tower

Scanning tower is made of iron sheet that has an output wire to connect to the main adapter.
the weight of the scanning tower is 7kg approximately
and its height is 127cm.

Lap Top :

following Requirements are least needed hardware for Top Genesis Software :
Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
CPU core I5 , 8th generation
Graphic card 2 GB
Hard 1T

Turn table

The turntable rotates the client’s body while collecting information so that the sensor can see the body from all angles.
required power for the turntable is directly taken from Urban electricity

The turntable also has a remote control to begin and end the rotation process
The weight of the platform is 10 kg approximately and its height is 16 cm, the rotation speed of the platform is 1 round in 45 seconds.
The turntable is made of iron sheet and its surface is made of coated MDF.

A new perspective in a new world

Top genesis 3D scanner is a new method in measuring and following up physical changes in the medical fields, fitness and fashion industry. We are tending to use more advanced,new,easier methods over traditional ones. This device consists of new 3D camera technology and image processing by its scanner

  • Fat analysisMore accurate than dexa standard
  • Risk AssessmentRisk of diseases related to body obesity
  • Target DeterminationAchieve optimal weight through fat loss
  • Information collectionView and analyze data and set up your personal account

Be top with Top genesis…!



exposure All external and postural body sizes with precision


3D Scan

Rotation and magnification of a complete model of 3D body scan and parameters


Shape analysis

Analysis of various topics such as: two-dimensional body posture of front and side, left and right ratio, body symmetry illustration


Improvement consistency

Demonstration of progress processe for all parameters) body fat percentage,all body sizes,…)

3D Scanner Customer Reviews

Your satisfaction is our strength !!

In this section you will see our customer satisfaction. Accurate measurement and high accuracy of our device has caused high satisfaction for our customers. we can offer you unique accuracy.

we can offer you unique accuracy. And I am very satisfied.all of the data given by top genesis is extremely useful. ,it stores and archives all information And I am easily using them when needed” mr karimi said . Also he mentioned since he is in United emirates , he has taken another top genesis for binous club It’s been very useful so far
Bnous gym coach

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