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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any question?

Please read the following questions and if you cannot find your answer, please send us your question, We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Where does the device come from?

The scanner and software are made in the United States and its body is made in Iran

What is the device error in percentage?

In the best conditions, we predict the percentage error to be less than 1%.

What is the difference between top-genesis scanner and body composition?
  1. Body composition device can report the internal information of the person’s body to experts by injecting electricity current into the person’s body while top-genesis 3D scanner has a capability of calculating all physical and skeletal measurements of the person’s body and in addition provides individuals with some internal information of their body.
  2. The output of body composition is in the form of an a4 sheet with numbers that requires an expert to read while anyone is able to read and check their physical condition (without the need of an expert) from the results of top genesis 3D scanner.
  3. Ways of testing body composition device, as time went on, are extremely difficult and impossible but for top genesis 3D scanner, life span is not defined and only a simple meter is enough to test it.
  4. It is completely different in terms of price
after-sales service? How is

120 months of after-sales service and 12 months of warranty services are considered for this device

Should we have specific space for the device?

3*2 room with proper light is the space the device needs.

Is it possible to scan with clothes?

No, in this case it will provide you with the measurement of your clothing

What are the output files of the device?

Scan report in pdf, progress report in pdf and two files for sculpturing in OBJ and STl.

Are there any possibilities not to buy a laptop?

Yes, but after several years of our experience in the production of 3D scanner of human body, we recommend a separate system for the scanner which is very useful in terms of capacity that you need to keep your clients information and in terms of after-sales services.

Do you train a user how to work with the device?

Yes; we will do the training, installation and setting for you.

How gym earns income from the device?

It depends on the work process and work policy of the gym

How this device calculate the body fat percentage?

We use a formula called “US army method” which requires 4 or 5 body sizes in different genders